Beauty secrets from the stars

Famous actresses, models, singers and other celebrities - that's who most girls look up to when looking at flawless photos from glossy covers. The stars almost always owe their brilliant appearance to personal makeup artists, stylists and nutritionists, but each of them will definitely have a personal secret of perfect appearance. Here are a few of them from different celebrities.Gwen Steffani: "To make the lipstick color rich, I mix several tones at once to end up with a completely new color. First, I apply dry lipsticks with matte shades first, and then a greasier top layer."Isla Fisher: "You can curl your eyelashes with a hair dryer. Before curling them with special forceps, I direct a jet of hot air at them for a couple of seconds, and they are easier to curl."Eva Mendes: "In order to look flawless, it's enough to mix a moisturizer and a bronzer. This will replace the layers of foundation and give the face the most natural look."Gwyneth Paltrow: "To moisturize the skin, I always use only creams with the presence of Omega-3 fatty acids, the sensations after applying such a cream are simply indescribable!"Kate Winslet: "I never skimp on cream for the eye area. If you lead an active lifestyle, and perhaps often lack sleep, without the use of this cream it will greatly affect the face and puffy circles under the eyes will appear very soon."Liv Tyler: "I have my own recipe for a perfect face without flaws: after applying makeup foundation and a small amount of blush, I put a little reflective powder on my face and sprinkle with rose water. Thanks to this, my skin looks perfectly smooth, and makeup is not noticeable at all."Sarah Jessica Parker: "I always spray all my clothes with my favorite perfume to constantly feel a pleasant smell."Halle Berry: "In order for my lips to look beautiful and natural, I put lipstick on them, then I wash it and make up with a transparent gloss."Anna Lynn McCord: "Always choose a concealer a couple of shades lighter than your skin tone, especially for masking circles around the eyes. Thanks to him, the face will look fresh and rested, and this is very important for ladies who lead an active lifestyle."Beyonce: "You should never forget to smile, because thanks to this, a woman looks flawless! The secret of my beauty is a moisturizing cream and a smile!" La búsqueda de los mejores sitios de casino en línea en Chile comienza y termina con algo más que el desarrollo de las mejores ofertas de bonos de bienvenida de casino en línea. Los mejores casinos están aquí . Los sitios que se han ganado un lugar en nuestra exclusiva lista tienen muchas características importantes, líderes en la industria, que le harán volver al sitio incluso después de haber apostado su bono de registro. ¿Cuál es el mejor sitio para jugar al blackjack?