Nicotine in tea

Nicotine is found in tea and some foods. Your following questions will be quite appropriate: Can drinking tea cause addiction? How does it affect the body with daily use?Tea contains many healthy substances. However, food and beverages usually have many complex chemical compounds, while not all are useful for your body.Nicotine is one such compound. Nicotine contains an addictive substance. It is also present in eggplants, potatoes, cauliflower, and according to one study, in tea.Nicotine addiction is partly responsible for the smoking habit. In large doses, nicotine is very toxic and can even be fatal. One cigarette contains about 10 mg of nicotine. However, only 1-2 milligrams enter the body with a smoked cigarette and 1 milligram during a three-hour minimum passive smoking. For comparison, one nicotine study found that ten grams of eggplant contains about one microgram of nicotine, while 19.2 grams of mashed tomatoes contain the same amount of this compound. (1000 micrograms = 1 milligram, so you need to eat 10 kg of eggplant to get the same amount of nicotine as during a three-hour minimum passive smoking).Scientists have determined that there is an insignificant amount of nicotine in tea - 285 nanograms of nicotine per 1 gram of instant tea and 100 nanograms per 1 gram of black tea (no difference, regular or decaffeinated).In 1999, a study of the presence of nicotine in tea and vegetables found that "The nicotine content in tea leaves varies greatly and can sometimes be greater than in nightshade fruits, such as (eggplant, potatoes and tomatoes)." However, recent studies have not found nicotine in black tea bought at the next grocery store (probably in bags).If everything was as bad as the first study shows, then it would be necessary to consume 3.5 kg of instant tea (which has a high level of caffeine, according to the study), and get 1 microgram of nicotine.If the tea contains nicotine, then its dosage is very small. As a rule, it is not enough to cause nicotine addiction. In addition, several scientists note that the absorption of nicotine through the lungs differs from the absorption of nicotine by the digestive system of the body. Thus, the impact on the health of a smoker, non-smoker or former smoker is not significant, and the health benefits exceed the possible harm.If you are still concerned about the possibility of getting addicted to nicotine, which may not be contained in tea, a more real problem may be the presence of caffeine in tea, as well as dependence on sugar (if you add it to a cup of tea). Therefore, the problem of nicotine addiction due to tea should not bother you. Cuando se trata de los mejores casinos online por dinero real, la Chile es uno de los mayores mercados de juego del mundo. Si vives en la Chile, tienes cientos de sitios estupendos entre los que elegir. Consulte aquí . Puede jugar en las versiones en línea de los establecimientos de juego de grandes marcas que ve en la calle, o en una de las marcas de casinos en línea que ofrecen emocionantes juegos para los jugadores Chile.